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Here are our DANIEL SMITH Blog Articles Indexed to make them easier to find and enjoy. Watercolor Articles: * Happy 20th Birthday DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolors!  by Deborah Burns * DS Staff Rave:  Jodi Steele’s Watercolor Travel Kit for Camping & Hiking. by Jodi Steele. * DANIEL SMITH Serpentine Genuine, a PrimaTek Watercolor * DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Travel Boxes or Pocket Box – Perfect for taking your watercolors with you!  by Deborah Burns * Burnt Bronzite Genuine, a PrimaTek Extra … Continue reading

Mt Rainier and DANIEL SMITH at Dusk

DANIEL SMITH sign with Mt Rainier bathed in Alpenglow pink to the right of the sign

Yesterday’s blog post was about Kristina Hagman’s show: “36 Views of Mt Rainier” and her capturing in expressive woodblock prints, how Mt Rainier is always part of the landscape for those living in Seattle and the Puget Sound.  You see Mt Rainier framed by “where-you-are-right-now” and it’s always present like the sky….   Well…Mt Rainier also watches over our DANIEL SMITH Art Supply building in the SODO neighborhood of Seattle….   I took these photos later the same day that … Continue reading

Have You Got Yours Yet? The DANIEL SMITH 2009-2010 Reference Catalog is HERE!

DANIEL SMITH 2009-2010 Reference Catalog with Kristina Hagman woodblock print "Night" on the Cover

Artists’ Mailboxes the past few days have been a source of delight as Artists have discovered their new DANIEL SMITH 2009-2010 Reference Catalog amongst ordinary mail.  Our new DS Catalog will continue to be arriving in the mailboxes of everyone who is on our mailing list, so have You Got Yours Yet?  If it’s because you are not yet on our mailing list, then you can request a catalog on our website.  This year we are “Honoring the Past” with Articles written … Continue reading

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